Cholo is one of the most seasoned directors in the Asian region today doing mostly TV Commercials. He broke into Philippine cinema in 2006 co-writing and directing his first full-length film, Nasaan Ka Man. This stunning piece swept the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) awards for Best Story, original screenplay, cinematography, musical score, actors and actresses, picture and director – awards which also the Gawad Tanglaw ng Lahi (given by the academic critics) unanimously bestowed upon the same film.

Incessantly keen on expressing his passion through the visual arts, Cholo continues to direct TVCs and is always working on more feature films and documentaries. He also spearheads the Content Development team of Gung Ho Films Manila, a hip group of young directors who create and produce meaningful content for all media. He is a founding member of ORIGIN8, an independent film making and distribution company that aims to give the Filipino audience more meaningful and relevant films.

When on a break, Cholo captures the world with his photography, or goes away to savor the back-to-basics lifestyle in balai La~Hi, a community for people who advocate a simple life full of grace.